Ideas to keep dogs entertained

Found some good information to share…. I am always thinking of ways to keep dogs entertained without costing too much, especially with the rescue and the costs involved.

Bungy Bouncer: Hang a bungy cord from a tree branch or an overhanging beam. Tie a favourite toy to the end so that the toy hangs aobut 6 inches higher than your dogs head. The breeze with cause the toy to move and get your dogs attention. As he bites it and pins it to the ground, the toy will spring upwards.

Buster Cube: You fill this toy with dry kibble, as your dog rolls it around on the ground, the kibble falls out bit by bit from multiple compartments. This motivates your dog to work for his food, keeping a brain-active working dog busy for hours. This is available at most pet shops. This may not work too well if you have more than one dog and they are food aggressive though.

Scatter Feeding: Turn feeding time into a treasure hunt. Scatter a variety of food such as whole carrots, bits of apple, whole raw eggs, chicken necks, sardines or anything that your dog likes to eat around the yard when you leave the house. This will give your dog something to forage for as well as some nutritious food to chew on (rather than your wooden lawn furniture) You can also scatter their dry food around the yard too. Other items such as meaty bones or dried liver bits can be hidden in a digging pit, such as a child’s wading pool filled with sand. Add a sprinkle of garden fertilizer (thats not harmful to dogs) to attract them to the area. This is particularly good for dogs that like to dig.

Plastic Bottle: The ultimate in recycling. Throw a few empty plastic water, milk or soft drink bottles out in the yard. Once they are all chewed up, put them in the recycling bin and give them new ones.

Knotted puzzle: Take an old sheet or towel. Cut a small square and place a few dry dog biscuits or treats in the centre of the square. Gather the sheets around the biscuits and tie it into knots. Dangle the knotted biscuits in front of your dog to entice it to play. Place the ‘knots’ around the yard. Once your dog as worked out how to rip the sheets to get the biscuits, ou can make the task harder by tying more layers of sheet around the biscuit or wrapping them in something thicker.

Kong Toys: A durable rubber toy with a hollow centre which can be stuffed with delectibles like cheese, peanut butter, kibble or dried liver. Seal the ends with a biscuit to make it harder to get out the insides. Fill it with food then freeze them to give your dog Kongsicles to enjoy.


10 thoughts on “Ideas to keep dogs entertained

  1. Having just come home to find the recycling bin (the bin itself and the contents), dry dog food scattered from one end of the house to the other and one of the sofa cushions shredded AGAIN, this couldn’t have been posted at a better time (although yesterday would have been pretty good too 😉 ).

  2. I actually tested the recycling suggestion (to be honest, I had not had a lot of time to actually put the suggestion trial) and IT WORKS a treat.

    As I type this, I am watching Bonnie and Gretski running around the yard, chasing each other and trying to get the chewed bottles from each other.

    It may not look the tidiest but its better than other stuff you would need to clean up if they destroyed other things. Just collect the plastic bottles when you need to.

  3. I fill the bottles with a handful of kibble and seal off the lid with peanut butter. Drives them crazy with all the rattling to try and get the kibble out. HOURS of entertainment…. them and for me hehehe

  4. Good ideas but I would not recommend towels/sheets unless you know your dog is not going to eat the material. They can cause severe intestinal issues/death.

    • Good advice James. Likewise, I would suggest dirt rather than sand for a digging pit. You don’t want a dog with a belly full of sand. It too can cause severe intestinal issues/death.

  5. For dogs that love water you could do the old apple bobbing game with certain food items. Its also a fun one to watch! A whole egg would be good for this – depending on how old the egg is some will float and some will sink.

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