Xena (featured dog of the week)

BDR Feature Dog of the week

XENA (aka Princess)

Thanks to Calley’s idea in her FB page ‘Life of Pikelet’ (which I’m copying) of choosing a BDR dog and promote throughout the week in the hope he/she gets adopted.

I will choose dogs from the longest waiting for adoption till the most recent

Can I pls ask everyone to share ALL the posts as they come up

Xena (previous name was Princess), was rescued from Queanbeyan pound in July2012, a day after she gave birth (at the pound) to 4 healthy gorgeous puppies. Xena was surrendered to the pound heavily pregnant 😦

Xena and her pups were fostered by Joanne until the pups were weaned and ready to be adopted out, she then joined us at BDR.

Xena was adopted in Feb2013 but sadly retuned to BDR in April2013.

She is still waiting patiently for her forever home



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