Almost lost Pablo

Bloody Pablo!!!!!

My yard is NOT small dog friendly 😦

He gave me a heart attack today. I let him off in the big yard together with Phoenix and Mack as I have done for a few weeks now

Today I felt something wasn’t right – looked out in the yard and low and behold – no little black dog. If I hadn’t gone out when I did…… I may have not got him back.

I saw some movement on the outside paddocks and ran as fast as I could

Pablo does NOT have any recall (yet)! I’m working on him

For those that know where we live, we are surrounded by 300 or so acres of temptation – rabbits, cows, birds and foxes

I almost lost him as he tried to go down a huge hole. Not sure if fox or rabbit den.

Whatever it was, I caught him just in time.

I now have to check the whole yard perimeter as I don’t know how or where he escaped from

Very very close call


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