I have a question: (for all you car people out there)

What is the best kitty litter that works for you?

Seeing that I am a new cat owner, I do have a lot of cat questions, and what better place to ask then on here?

There appears to be a lot of knowledge from the BR supporters.

Appreciate all your comments

NOTE; if anyone has any questions they need answers or need help with, Lets put it on here to see if we can help each other out

No matter how silly you may think it is.

Just send me an email



2 thoughts on “

  1. I have used Catsan Ultra Clumping Litter for the past 7yrs for our rescue cat with no problems. It reduces the smell and is easy to remove the waste, more importantly it dosent stick to our cats fur or paws so he dosent leave it all over the house!! Its around $10 a bag in supermarkets. Feel free to contact me if you have any other kitty questions.

  2. The clumping stuff is certainly convenient re clean up as you say Lissa, but I like the recycled paper stuff, as it can be composted afterwards. You end up with alot of waste over time, so its good for the environment and its comparatively affordable.

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