Tilly was adopted after her new family saw a post on this page 2 weeks ago. She was an urgent dog on the kill list from Blacktown pound.

Sadly, today she is fighting for her life after being baited with meat laced with nails. She had a total of 41 nails in her stomach.

kate had her 3 dogs secured “safely” in her yard and someone has committed this vicious act towards them.

2 have had emergency surgery ( Tilly & Stella) and their little man managed to poop them all out.

Who does this horrible act of cruelty to hurt our pets?

Check out the article in today’s paper

Pls send all your positive thoughts and prayers for Tilly and Stella for a speedy recovery




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  1. This is my old dog please inform me of how she is going her name is lizzy i would really like to speak with u about my soul partner my love in life that was torn away from me.. my name is nikki my number is 0401762899 pkz ring asap as my heart is breaking inside..

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