Tilly (dog that had baited with meat laced with nails) has joined BDR this morning

Gorgeous girl that will be Pablo’s little companion until she is ready to play with the bigger kids.

She is still healing from a pretty intrusive surgery so we will be keeping her quiet as much as possible.

She is young and playful and so much wants to run (being a kelpie x) but its for the best to keep her crated until such time.

Before anyone says anything negative or nasty towards Tilly’s owners for surrendering her to us…

I want to be the first to say something and will delete any negative posts

Tilly was originally from Blacktown pound ( I believe as a surrender ). Kate saved and adopted her from death row approx 3 weeks ago. Tilly was very obviously well loved and cared for. This horrific act has made Kate worried for Tilly’s future and I can understand why.

I don’t think I could ever leave my dogs in my yard after this either. Tilly is a young kelpie x that needs the room to run and be safe in her own backyard.

Their 2 other dogs will be kept primarily indoors now.

I feel that what Kate has done for Tilly is the most un selfish act of love for her dog. She was clearly very upset at giving her up but hopefully after meeting us and seeing how she will be looked after until she finds a forever home….

It made giving her up a little bit easier (if that’s at all possible)





2 thoughts on “Tilly

  1. Thank goodness Tilly is safe with BDR, I agree Mina what Tilly’s loving owners did was the most unselfish act of love. Tilly will get another great home once she has recovered. I remember her from Blacktown such a beautiful sweet girl. Wishing her a speedy recovery xo

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