Porscha – health question

Stef has a health question:

Porscha (ex BDR dog) Bull Arab x Great Dane?

Porscha is about 5-6 months old. She was a very clumsy puppy. I noticed a few weeks ago that she was walking funny.

She was limping all the time. It’s always worse after she gets up from laying down.
I took her to the vet a couple of weeks ago & the vet found some crunching sounds in her front left elbow. She was put on inflammation tablets but they unfortunately didn’t work for her. She had an x-ray yesterday & the vet found a chip in her elbow. Arthritis or also known as crepitus.

She has to have injections once a week for 4 weeks, then if they don’t help her she will have to have surgery. Which will cost a minimum of $1000. But she will have to have these injections for the rest of her life. Not every week, probably just before winter every year if she responds well to the injections.

I was just wondering if anyone has experienced crepitus or arthritis in a puppy & what they did to make the puppy/dog better? I will take any suggestions. I will do anything for my Porscha! 🙂

(Porscha’s diet consists of supercoat dry food, chicken necks, brisket meat/bones & she loves her water. She takes calcium tablets daily & now I have started her on glucosamine tablets after finding out about the crepitus.)



2 thoughts on “Porscha – health question

  1. The injections CAN have quite a miraculous effect – depends entirely on the individual. First course helped my aged dog tremendously – back to playing like a puppy. Second course (about 12-18 mths later) only helped a little.

    The glucosamine helps some dogs – their are 2 (maybe more now?) types – one whose name I forget is extracted from mussels!, Jointguard comes from cattle, so if one doesn’t work, try the other. There is a theory that if it comes from a weight bearing animal such as a cow, then it may work better. Give it several weeks to work though, before dismissing. Ask you vet if fish oil supplements may be worth trying also. They certainly help alot of people with joint problems. You can use flaxseed/linseed oil (same thing, different name) as it has been shown to help arthritic joint problems. Anything to help “lubricate” the joints.

    Best advice is not to let her jar her joints, as in jumping out of the car eg – train her to carefully climb out. Any heavy weight bearing exercise won’t help. If she will swim that’s a great non weight bearing way to exercise her. Don’t let her get overweight – it puts added pressure on the joints.

    Good luck with her and let us know how she goes. She’s a gorgeous pup!

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