Big thank you to Kate and Alberto for the gift of treats and pigs ears for the rescue dogs on the weekend.

These are the sorts of treats we like to have handy to give our rescues to keep themselves occupied

Kate and Alberto were Tilly’s previous owners

They came out to BDR on the weekend to help out and see how Tilly is doing.

I wanted to make mention that they both deserve the PPP award….

That’s Proactive Poo Pickup award – the amount of dog poo they collected without complaining was impressive

Sorry about the amount, Our regular volunteers seem to have slowed down a bit and it does accumulate very quickly 🙂



One thought on “Treats

  1. Mina, may I suggest you make it very, very clear that the photo relates to the first part of the post above, not the last past of the post… because at a glance…. well, let’s just say I thought for a moment you had abandoned good taste,

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